63325 Stand Mixer Review by Hamilton Beach

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A cheap blender with the same mixing effect as KitchenAid? This detailed overview of the Hamilton Beach 63325 blender offers a full range of features, reviews, performance and information on where to find the best price.

Let’s see how this table mixer works and what it can do.

What a blessing for a planetary mixer if it turns out to be as efficient and reliable as the big brands and the most expensive models.

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1. Power 2. Tilted head or bowl 3. Features
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7. Decoders and accessories 8. Material and brand 9. Dimensions
10. Care and cleaning 11. The advantages of 12. Disadvantages
13. Prices 14. Consumer reviews 15. General overview

Are you in a hurry?

Check the Hamilton Beach 63325 mixer.


A 300-watt motor drives this mixer. This is the maximum energy consumption of the machine during loading and high-speed operation. What can this force do? Most mixes work, but not for regular use on bread dough or hard cookie dough.

The plug of the appliance has a wide blade and is plugged into the socket in only one direction. It’s called a polarized fork. It is designed to reduce the risk of electric shock. If you do not have a polarized plug, consult an electrician before installing this product. The adapter must not be used as this would negate the usefulness of this safety function.

Tipping head or hood lift

When installing and removing accessories – bowls, punches, hooks and shocks – you must tilt the head of this mixer faucet. This is also useful if you have to make certain mixes manually or if you are adding ingredients.

To lift the head, first place the knob on the side of the mixer holder. Push, hold, tilt your head and release the button.  To descend, press and hold the button again, lower your head and release the button. This is a two-handed process and the button can be difficult to press.

I have noticed that the head seems to lock better in tiltable mixers with a button mechanism. When using KitchenAid tilt mixers, the locking pins are unlocked several times. However, this is a one-hand operation of the locking pins.

WARNING: When tilting or lowering the mixing head, do not place your fingers in the area of the hinge.

Characteristics of Hamilton Beach 63325

This is a separate mixer. It doesn’t turn into a hand blender. It is equipped with suction cups at the base to keep them on the ground while working.

Before installing the accessories, the head must first be tilted. The order is first the bowl, then the club, the hook or the whip. The slot at the base of the holder holds the dish. Push the drawer down and turn it clockwise to lock it. Place a bat, hook or whip on the attachment rod and push it down. Keep your head down.

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To remove the accessories, lift the head upwards. Start with a ricochet, hook or whip. Pull him straight up and away from the well. Release the bowl counterclockwise and lift it up. Keep your head down.

The shell is firmly attached and can be easily unlocked. The snowshoe, hook and whip are also easy to attach and remove.

The Quick Set is located on the side of the bracket, directly under the dial. A simple speed setting guide with photos is printed directly above the cruise control.

Speed adjustment

The Hamilton Beach 63325 Table Top Mixer has 6 speeds for different mixes. There’s also a special turn setting that’s really cool.

The folding function is operated manually – turn the knob to fold and hold, release to stop. To fold, turn the FOLD pulse on and off by slowly adding the foldable mixture. When folding, there is more air in the mixture, and the pulsation effect is really excellent for this.

The FOLD function cannot be found on one of the large floor mixers I came across. If one of the parameters can be used for bending, this is not explicitly specified.

The shortcut goes clockwise from 0 to 6. The FOLD function is located to the left of 0. Below are some tips for choosing the speed settings for this model:

  1. Always start mixing at the lowest speed. Stay at lower speeds until the ingredients are well absorbed.
  2. Packaged cake mixes may require low, medium or high speeds. Use speed 1 for low, speed 4 for medium and speed 6 for high.
  3. Use slower speeds for liquid mixtures to prevent splashing. The speed only increases as the mixture thickens.
  4. Use a medium speed for fine paddles.
  5. See the speed setting on the side of the Hamilton Beach 63325 or in the owner’s manual.

Speeds 1 to 6 can be used for clamps and beats, depending on the mix. When using the test hook, speed 2 must not be exceeded.

Mixed types and volumes

Hamilton Beach 63325 Overview This Hamilton Beachmixer does most of the mixing quite well. He has no problem with pies, creams, ice creams and other light snacks.  If he overworks with the cookie dough, increase the speed.  Don’t stack the flour in a pile, but cup by cup.

As with most domestic mixers, kneading bread dough is a completely different story. It can do the job, but it has to be done a bit, and not often. The engine can moan and fight. This can be done slowly by kneading a loaf of bread once in a while, but not for large quantities.

If you cook a lot, it’s a good idea to avoid bread dough and only use it for light and medium snacks. If you don’t bake often, you can make bread from time to time, but it sticks to small pieces of thick dough.

If you want to beat less than 2 eggs or less than 1 cup of cream, use a hand blender, because the wire beater cannot be immersed much to beat well.

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Mixture of action and power

A common problem with all cabin mixers is that they often don’t mix well and have to be scraped sideways and at the bottom of the complaint.

This model fits better than a two-pilot system that rotates in the middle. However, the height of the racket cannot be adjusted and it does not reach the bottom of the bin.

The manufacturer’s manual states that when mixing fine pipettes, FREQUENTLY stop and scratch the side surface. And that’s exactly what people do, even with a thicker consistency. Scraping the sticky stirrers is not very common, because the dough itself tries to stick to the surface of the bowl.

The rectangular head covers most of the bowl, leaving little space for adding or mixing ingredients by hand. Either the head is big, or the bowl is too narrow. And the plastic disc on top of the crossbeam, a hook and a whisk prevent the addition of ingredients.

The manufacturer recommends placing the ingredients as close to the sides of the bowl as possible and not directly into the mobile device. You have to be on time. This can be done with liquid ingredients. Under no circumstances will you be able to add dry ingredients and you won’t get them back if it works. And it’s a little difficult to find the right position. It is best to stop the blender, lift your head and add the ingredients.

You have to raise your head when you scratch yourself and get the lower contents. Too little space to mix comfortably upside down. The trick you can use to minimize scraping is to use a bottle with a water sprayer. Just spray a little on the edge of the bowl. Or a user simply lifts the bowl with their hands to swing the binoculars sideways and down.

Accessories and supplies

For this model there are no beaks such as noodles, etc… Other bowls cannot be used with the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63325. Replacement snowshoes, dough hooks, whiskies and bowls are available from the manufacturer.


This crane looks robust and powerful. I didn’t find a message about a faulty device until I received it. I found no reports of units being stopped after a few days or months or less than a year, despite reports that they seemed to break down when working on a severe test. Quite difficult for a blender with a small budget.

Dimensions and storage

The Hamilton Beach 63325 tabletop blender is 11.89 inches high, 8.66 inches wide and 13.59 inches deep.

The device is made of plastic and is so light that you can lift it with one hand with the supplied bowl. It is compact and does not take up a lot of space on cabinets and worktops.  It is ideal for people with small kitchens, weak hands and older people. It can be easily stored in and removed from cabinets.

Hamilton Beach maintenance and decontamination 63325

The holder mixer and nozzle are easy to clean. Unplug the power cord after use. Remove all attachments. Wipe the device with a damp cloth and remove any sticky substances. Wipe the stump shaft clean of debris.

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All sprinklers, bowl, whisk, dough hook and whisk can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, do not use the SANI cycle of the dishwasher, as the temperature can damage the components. Dry everything before you put it away.



Customer reviews and opinions

The total rating on Amazon for this console is quite high. Most opinions are positive and most consumers find it good value for money. Although some discrepancies were noted, a significant number of observers stated that they were the least problematic in terms of price and performance.

The published questions are largely consistent, although the evaluators assess the same question differently. In a sense, these tests reflect the expectations of each consumer and show that acceptance and tolerance are different for each consumer.

Hamilton Beach Award 63325 Blender

This mixer is an affordable alternative to expensive planetary table-top mixers. The price is good for what it brings.

Amazon’s prices vary greatly from seller to seller. There are two colour variations. All in black (Hamilton Beach 63325) and grey and chrome (Hamilton Beach 63226)

My opinion

Several retailers claim that the Hamilton Beach 63325 has the same blending effect as the KitchenAid blender on the booth. That’s right. But that doesn’t mean it works like KitchenAid.

However, I think this is a very good alternative to KitchenAid for those looking for a better option than setting up two cabins. It can produce most consistency mixtures. It is simply not designed for heavy mixtures. He’s gonna need help. KitchenAid too, but to a lesser extent.

I see the importance of this mode as an entry-level mixer if you’re a beginner or if you want to get your first mixer mode, or if you just want some lightness and comfort.

See the Hamilton Beach 63325 blender on Amazon.



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