BODUM Bistro 4.7—Liter Black Electric Stand Mixer Review

by admin | Last Updated: April 28, 2020


Most of the valves available on the market have an output power of 300 to 500 W. The Bistro electric table mixer, on the other hand, has an output power of 700 W. With an output power so impressive that it shortens the mixing time. No matter how complex the mix is, if you use a mixer on a bistro stand, it will be ready within minutes.  It is easy to use and quick to adjust. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.

This mixer on the kitchen stand is compact, making it easy to store. The electric mixer is equipped with stainless steel.  Other taps offer 10 to 12 speed settings, while the electric mixer support is missing here. It has only seven different speed settings that allow the user to set the desired speed according to his needs. It is also equipped with separate nozzles for mixing, threshing and beating. In short, people who like to cook tasty and healthy will love this blender.


Most people like to cook, but don’t do it because the mixing and beating of the dough takes a long time, but not anymore. The electric mixer on a bistro stand shortens all additional cooking times. The result is an increase in your love of cooking and baking. One of the most annoying things is that a lot of food mixes put the dough in the blender. This grip is certainly annoying because it contains a lot of food.

However, if you use the Bistro electric stand mixer, you won’t have this problem because its components are covered with a non-stick coating that prevents the mixture from sticking. In addition, the bottom is equipped with a suction cup that holds the blender firmly and securely on the counter and prevents it from falling. In addition, the mixing head is locked when the bowl is in place, which ultimately guarantees reliable mixing.

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