Classic Plus KitchenAid 4.5-qt. Review of stand mixer

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Are you a practical consumer? Then this blender on the booth might be just what you’re looking for. It is cheaper, but the performance is not bad (as you will see later in this report).

You can see the fake KitchenAid Classic Plus drummer as the little brother and sister of the more popular artisan fake drummer. It has a smaller capacity (half a block less) and may not be as attractive as a big sibling, but bigger surprises can produce smaller and seemingly less powerful models.

Let’s see how this model fits most mixed jobs.

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Look in the drawer…

The bar of this KitchenAid mixer comes with the following items:

I wonder what this blender does? See below

The capacity of KitchenAid Classic Plus is 4.5 square meters. Blender

Engine power 275 W. Compared to other powerful models, it is at the bottom. In this case, however, performance is not the best indicator of how big this mixer is.

But it’s enough to make pies, cookies, muffins and most sweets, to make whipped cream and even to mix and knead pizza and bread dough.

But with a fat test, it has its limits.

The direct drive motor is more efficient because the power is transferred directly to the container, which reduces energy consumption.

This device must be connected to a 3-long earthed power outlet. For safety reasons, do not use adapters. The use of an extension cable is not recommended. However, if this cannot be avoided, make sure that the wire has the same size and strength. Ask someone you know or call the manufacturer if you’re not sure. Extension cables are also available on Amazon.

Are you in a hurry?

Look, a box…

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Is it a tilting head lift or a bowl lift?

The KitchenAid Classic Plus basin mixer is a model with a swivel head. This function is used to install and remove accessories, to adjust the height of the barrier or to mix the contents by hand. The engine head locking lever locks the head at the base. It must be unlocked before it falls over.

It is easy to unlock and lift the head with one hand, even if it is quite heavy.  Just unlock the lever and tilt the head. It is useful to have only one clean hand and a free hand to do other things.

The design of the angled tip allows easy access to the cockpit and easy attachment or removal of accessories. On the other hand, more vertical space is needed, which has to be taken into account when working underneath the cabinet.

What are the characteristics?

The features of the KitchenAid Classic Plus blender are designed for easy mixing. It has rubber feet to prevent walking on the work surface.

The rotation axis of the drum holds the dough hook or wire beater. It is quite easy to install. Just push the button and turn to the right. To remove it, press it again, turn to the left and pull.

The bowl does not rotate during use. Locked on the clamping plate of the casing. You should not waste all your energy by attaching the bowl clockwise to a turntable and releasing it counterclockwise. It’s very manageable.

The discharge speed can be adjusted by means of a sliding lever mounted on the side of the engine head. The speed control lever is easy to use and very accessible.

A sliding locking lever on the left side locks the engine head into position. Always keep the head locked when the tap is running.  Some users do not do this if the mixture is light. However, there are two main reasons for this.  First of all, it helps to maintain the gap between the bowls. Secondly, the engine head always tends to move or vibrate when the machine is running, and it will vibrate more if it is not locked. This increases the load on the engine and its components, especially if this happens regularly. However, some users say that the pin that blocks the head tends to come out of position.

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The amplifier can be adjusted (up or down) by turning the Amplifier Head Adjuster Screw located at the bottom of the engine head, near the top of the rack. Here you will learn how to determine the correct distance for a punch:

Do not assume that the blender has enough room to mix when it arrives. Always check this, because the mixing capacity largely depends on the correct height of the rush hour.

WARNING: Turn off the mixing bowl and unplug it from the wall outlet before installing or removing the bowl and accessories and before adjusting the height of the shutter.

Speed adjustment

The 10-stage motor gives this model great flexibility for use with different compounds.  The use of the different speeds is described below:

Speeds 3, 5, 7 and 9 can be achieved by adjusting the control between the above speeds. Used when a more precise adjustment is needed. However, you may not notice much difference at lower speeds, especially not at higher levels.

You may have to deal with splashing and flying flour and sugar, even in the blender. Add the ingredients slowly or start mixing them carefully by hand.

The corresponding speed may deviate from the above specifications. It can vary for each recipe and the volume of the mixture.

WARNING: Always maintain speed 2 when mixing and kneading bread dough or other dense mixtures. And watch out for signs that may indicate an overload of the mixer.

Mixed types and volumes

Let’s talk about bread, because if you can make bread from it, you can use it for all other purposes in the bakery.

He knows how to mix a heavy dough well, although he can fight a bit or wave from one side to the other.  It can handle small batches well, but it can heat up during a long kneading process. Mix for 4 to 5 minutes per cycle and allow to cool.

If you make bread often or in large quantities, knead it by hand or finish it with a bread machine. This model is not intended for such use.

On the other hand, you might not get a good test with a very small amount of money.  Don’t go under 1-1/2 cup of flour.

Once he has sorted the bread, he can make pies, biscuits, muffins, pies, creams, butter, cream cheese, pizza and other lighter mixes. But even with mild to moderate constipation agents, it is not suitable for commercial use. This model is intended for domestic use only.

Mixture of action and power

It’s a mixer for the planet’s stands. The spiral around the bowl touches the contents in different places. The result is a more complete and uniform mixture. The mixing time is faster, so it is advisable to halve the mixing time if your recipe is not set on the KitchenAid mixer.

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Planetary actions do not completely rule out demolition. But maybe you should only do it once or twice. And as long as the height of the tweeter is set correctly, the tweeter mixes the deeper contents well enough.

With the two-position mixer, where the rollers rotate in the middle of the bowl, you can scrape the sides while the mixer rotates. The same cannot be said of planetary mixers. You have to stop the car and look up. I think it’s a small compromise for a mixer that does the work in less time, is more efficient and frees you up for other things. Watch this fake mixer in action in the video below (it lights up around 1:15 am).

Looks like she mixes the cookie dough well. She didn’t stop to scratch. I saw the flour fly, but I don’t think it was much. I would like to point out that this is a small batch, which of course will vary from recipe to recipe.

Hard yeast dough can stick to the C-hook while stirring. You have to stop and push the dough. Try spraying the dough on the hook with a non-stick spray or clean the dough after mixing with a small amount of butter. The steps you have to take to get around this problem are much better than kneading it by hand.

Classic plus kitchenware

The 4-1/2 quartz bowl in the kit is of high, narrow construction and has no handle. A bowl with handle and the same capacity is supplied separately. I wish they’d lit it with the pen. The surcharge for a ballpoint pen will be less than for a simple bowl. There is also a three-quarter scale that fits this model. He doesn’t have a pen, but he’s very controlling because he’s short.

The floor beater can be purchased separately. There are newer flat chisels with flexible scraper wings on the side. This is very useful because it scrapes the sides of the bowl during its rounds. I recommend buying one for each mixer on the stand, if one is available.

Another accessory I’d like to include in the box is a sprinkler board. But it can also be bought separately from Amazon.

Are there accessories for KitchenAid Classic Plus?

A series of nozzles makes this cabin mixer very versatile. If you prefer to cook rather than just bake, these spouts are very practical. Think of pasta or ice cream in different shapes if you want something or a fresh juice.

Here is a message detailing the different attachments available.

There is no need to buy separate cars to prepare them. It’s a real space saver. The disadvantage is: more fasteners, more tension on the motor.

The accessories are connected to the device by the mounting sleeve for the mixer. Connecting and disconnecting the nozzles is simple and uncomplicated.

WARNING: Unplug and disconnect the power supply before connecting the mounting equipment. Before starting work, ensure that all attachments are properly connected and secured.

Equipment and make

The main unit is made of zinc and stainless steel. It’s painted white or silver. It has an all-metal transmission system.

The service life of the faucet depends on its use. I found the owners’ accounts, which show that they lasted 5 to 10 years. It has also been reported that tampons wear out quickly when the blender is used to make daily bread.

To prevent oil leaks, do not leave your device inactive for long periods of time, but turn it on for 2 minutes once a week. However, fatigue also causes the grease to split into oil and water, causing it to leak. If the leak is large, check it, as it may mean that the engine parts are not sufficiently lubricated.

In general, the KitchenAid Classic Plus tilt faucet is solid and stable. The dimensions of the whip, hook and whisk are sufficient to carry out the tasks for which they are intended. The carrier and hook are covered with nylon.

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Dimensions and storage

Its size and weight (quite large and heavy) make this kitchen tap solid and stable, especially for heavy mixes. You’ll have to permanently mark about a square meter of space on top, because it’s difficult to move around. Some owners put slides on the base, but I think the reason the manufacturer didn’t put them on is to prevent them from slipping. Don’t forget he’s got rubber feet.

The tilting head requires a vertical clearance of approximately 3 to 4 inches. Don’t forget to put it under the cabinets. Don’t even think about putting them in the closet. It’s gonna hurt to take it out and put it in.

Dimensions :

Accessories and attachments must be removed and stored separately. Do not leave a hammer, hook or whip on the shaft after use.

Care and cleaning

There are not too many parts to clean with this mixing bowl. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the machine. Remove any residue from the racketas. Don’t forget to keep everything clean and dry before storage.

The dishwasher can be equipped with a coated pasty hook, a flat dishwasher and a bowl, but not with a wire whisk and a polished washing machine. All accessories can be easily washed by hand if you wish.



Customer reviews and opinions

Most reactions to KitchenAid Classic Plus are positive. It’s highly valued by Amazon and Walmart. These positive reactions are typical of KitchenAid floor mixers. Only a very small percentage of reviewers gave it the lowest score.

I listed what the consumers liked and disliked about the pros and cons of this revision and what they didn’t like and disliked. Overall, the assessments and evaluations are quite positive.


The KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5 Quartz Stand Mixer looks like a smaller version of Artisan. The power has been reduced and the capacity of the bowl has been reduced by half a block. However, lower efficiency does not make them less effective. If it is used within its possibilities and limits, it works just as well.

If the difference is only in power and capacity, this is a reasonable choice for a medium sized floor model mixer. But if you like a bowl with a handle and a moulding board, it’ll cost you about $70. The total cost of the device and these additional accessories will almost increase the value of the craftsman in an attractive color. However, there are always price changes.

Classic Plus is an excellent value for money. It’s as good as the most expensive KitchenAid Artisan. If you could live on a stand with a black mixer, you’d get even more for your money.

View Classic KitchenAid Plus 4.5 Quarter Blender on Amazon.



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