Hamilton Beach Eclectics 63220 Stand Mixer Review

by admin | Last Updated: April 28, 2020

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Who doesn’t need a stronger blender? Today, many of us not only make cakes and cookies for our families, but also bread, pizza and pasta. By producing them ourselves, we control what goes into the food we give to our families.

Power isn’t everything, but it does give a good idea of what the table mixer can handle. But if you want a powerful blender, you have to be willing to pay a dollar more. Maybe at least $300?

We certainly need power, performance and functionality, but can’t we get them at a lower price? If we can save more than a hundred dollars, think about what he can buy. That’s why the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63220 Stand Mixer can be a pleasant surprise or fall short of expectations.

The capacity is larger than the best-selling stand mixer, but it costs less than half the cost.  But wait, can he deliver? This is what I wanted to discover in my studies and magazines. So let’s test the claims and delve into the criticisms of this stand mixer.

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1. Power 2. Tilted head or bowl 3. Speed parameters
4. Decoders and accessories 5. Types of mixtures 6. Mixing effect
7. Construction and sustainability 8. Dimensions 9. Care and cleaning
10. The advantages of 11. Double. 12. Consumer reviews
13. Prices 14. General overview  

Let’s look at the box…

When you get the box, you get the following:

Hamilton Beach Electronic Table Mixer Power

Although it has 400 watts of power, torque at low revs is low. For example, it is slowed down if the oil is used directly from the refrigerator. At higher speeds, however, this force is very clear.

Some mixers slow down when subjected to rigorous testing.  It is equipped with an electronically controlled motor that registers the load and adapts to it in order to maintain a constant speed. We know that consistent speed is important to produce good dough.

Elevator or cup elevator ?

In order to access the nozzles and accessories, the mixing head must be raised. By pressing a button on the back of the engine head, it can be released for tilting. When the button is released, the head is locked in the upward position. Repeat the process of lowering the head… press the button, slowly lower the mixing head and release the button to lock it.

There are several advantages to fixing the head in both directions. First, when you are in the upward position, you can use both hands to remove the paste that sticks to the clasp without worrying that your head will fall off. Usually you do this because you don’t want to grab and remove the hook with the sticky body.

Another advantage is that holding the head while the machine is rotating prevents shaking of the head and minimizes vibration, protecting the engine. It also keeps the crossbeam, whisk or hook closer to the bottom of the bowl for better mixing.

The heads of some tilt mixers, especially KitchenAids, are not locked when lifted. You have to support it with one hand while scraping the thick dough.  You may not have to do with thinner pieces because they are easier to scratch and there are not too many sticks.

Now, the flaws…

In some cases, you may need to raise your head to scrape the contents and reach the bottom of the bowl. To do this, you must first find the release button on the back, which is adjacent to the surface. If you push him, you have to hold his head with your other hand. When you have finished scraping and mixing by hand, press and hold this button again while lowering the mixing head with the other hand. This is undoubtedly a two-handed maneuver.  It also takes a bit of force to push a button; a light push will not keep it completely on your nails.

Compare this to the KitchenAid head tilt mechanism, where you simply unlock the lock and raise or lower the head with one hand. It’s faster and more comfortable, especially if you have to do it several times.

Then it’s all about weighing everything up for and against the tilting main mechanism of the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63220.

What are the speed settings?

This pedestal mounted crane is advertised with 12 speeds. But there are only six actual speeds, and you can see it on the side of the mixing head. The speed settings are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. According to Hamilton Beach, the mixer develops more or less two speeds when moving up a notch. А ? I can’t see the target moving at two speeds every time I move this speed controller. What’s the point of having 12 gears if you can only use 6?

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I think it’s more of a marketing strategy, because, let’s say, KitchenAid has 10 speed settings, which are also in phase 2. However, you can access the mutual speeds for more accurate control. But there is no real difference, especially with denser blends like cookie dough.

The lowest setting of the Eclectrics mixer, 2, is very slow and perfect for beginners. This at least reduces the amount of ingredients that fly through the air. On the other hand, the highest speed is fast enough to shake the protein well.

It is not easy to adjust the lever of the cruise control. It is easy to exceed the desired speed. Then you must withdraw. You may also need to use both hands for more control. If there are bulk ingredients in the bowl and you’ve made too many, you’ll have to deal with some of them in the air. That’s good. Just make sure that the ingredients are engaged before moving up a gear.

The speed settings vary from mixer to mixer. Speed 2 at Hamilton Beach is different from speed 2 at Bosch. We give you a manual about the operating speed of the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics all-metal 63220 Bottom Mixer. This is not a difficult guide, because a lot will depend on your recipes. However, maintain the recommended speed for a severe test.

Use this manual for canned cakes:


standard accessories… A bowl, pliers, whisk, dough hook and plastic shim are included in the delivery.

The handle of the 4.5/4 stainless steel quartz bowl makes it easy to carry the contents and to attach and remove them at the bottom of the mixer.  You attach it to the shallow dish by turning it clockwise and remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

I don’t quite understand why the bottom of the bowl is a little hollow. This makes it even more difficult to reach the lowest content.

In Hamilton Beach (article number 990004500) is a 3 quarters container available.

The flat beater is covered. When turning, it comes close to the edge of the bowl, but not close enough to scrape everything from the side.

The coated dough hook is C-shaped and is folded to follow the slanted side of the bowl. The whip has two pairs of wires that are bent at an angle to catch the contents from the side.

The bat, whip or lash is attached and detached from the attachment shaft by pushing and twisting.

Increase the speed if you feel that the mixer is stressed when using a flat drum. Use a flat whisk for biscuits, cake soufflés, frost and mashed potatoes. The wire beater is used to whip up creams or proteins in meringues. The dough hook is intended for baking bread, pizza and other dense mixes.

The cargo shield is designed to facilitate the addition of ingredients and reduce splashing and meal clouds.  But there are more problems. During mounting, the notch on the mounting shaft must be aligned with the hole. It’s not an easy process. Usually you can’t raise your head without moving it. It’s hard to scratch on the spot. It’s annoying if you have to take it off every time you have to get to the bowl and then put it back on again. In fact, you can use the blender without it. It’s just a matter of determining which situation makes it easier for you.

Spare parts for all accessories and attachments are available in the Hamilton Beach online store.

WARNING: The mixer must be switched off and disconnected from the mains before installing or removing accessories and fittings.

What types of mixes can Hamilton Beach’s electrical system use?

One would expect a mixer with a standard and a 400-watt motor to work in heavy mixtures. You can do it for bread or pizza, but like most charity models, it has limits.

The mixing head fluctuates in large quantities and thick mixtures.  All you need is a recipe for a loaf of bread or a double portion of cookies. He mixes and kneads a wholemeal bread, even if it is a bit wobbly. He walks and dances on the counter at a speed of 6 for a thick dough.  That doesn’t mean he can’t handle two recipes for chopsticks or heavy mixes. Maybe. But the more batches you load and the firmer the dough, the more it vibrates, shakes or runs.

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There are tools you can use to deal with the inconveniences. If it disappears, try slowing down the speed or reducing the content. Make sure your sink is clean so that the rubber feet can hang from it. Or place the machine on the cutting board and take some of these sticky silicone objects and stick them on the edge of the board. He may shake, but he’s not going anywhere on the counter.

If swinging and shaking becomes tricky, just keep your head down. It will not stop the rocking, but at least it will reduce the rocking. If it’s shaken and shaken hard, it’s probably overloaded.

Twelve (12) cups with ingredients (about 3 liters) fill a cup about one centimeter below the rim. Although it is suitable, it is somewhat risky, especially with a thick test, because it tends to go through the hook.

To knead well, use at least 3 cups of flour according to your recipe. When using a wire mixer, use at least 1 glass of cream or 2 large egg whites. The blender can do no less than that.

It’s not a bad mixer for a coaster. It has no problem with cake recipes, biscuits, icing, cream, egg white, cheesecake and all other mixes. Only fake mixers always judge the way they handle bread recipes.

You can use it to make bread, but not for large quantities and very dense blends. But you can often use it for light and medium butter and cookie dough.

How is it articulated and how does it work?

It’s a planetary mixer. The nozzle head moves around the bowl while the nozzle rotates in the opposite direction. This allows the bowl to be completely covered to promote even mixing.

However, the unmixed ingredients remain on the bottom because there is a large space between the whisk and the bowl.  And you can’t adjust the height of the fight.  There is also a small hollow space at the bottom of the bowl, which makes mixing even more difficult.  So scrape off the side and empty the contents of the bottom of the bowl. You’ll have to do this with most table mixers, even the most expensive models.

If thicker mixtures are used, it may be necessary to scrape the edge of the bowl at least once at the end. You may have to do this several times with thinner pieces. However, it is not as easy to do it upside down as you would like, because there is very little room for the knives. The best way is to stick your head up. Or, if you find it cumbersome, you can use the scratch with the corner stand available from Amazon.

If you are using a protective screen, remove it before scratching it. It’s no problem if you only have to scratch once, like at the end.  However, without that, adding ingredients is not easy, because there is not enough space for it due to the narrow bowl design. You have to look up if you want more space. Or try using half a glass to add ingredients and always turn off the mixing bowl to reduce the amount of splashing.

Start at low speed with a whistle and gradually increase to avoid splashing.

In general, it contains the ingredients quite well, despite some disadvantages and drawbacks, such as shaking and dancing with a thick test.

Construction and durability

The mixer housing is made of cast metal. They come in four shades. Uneven, rough or dotted surfaces shall be reported.

It’s sturdy, but very heavy. You have to be careful when moving it on the counter, because it can tilt.

Several reports indicate that this mixer has been in use for 3, 5 or even 8 years. This is completely unexpected given the reports of shaking, walking and overloading with dense mixtures. But Hamilton Beach is so convinced of the quality of its products that there is a 3 year replacement guarantee.

If you want a quiet mixer, look no further. This one’s so quiet it almost spins.

Dimensions and storage

The Hamilton Beach Electrics stand mixer costs 14.37 inches. Make sure you have enough vertical space when placing it under furniture. He’s about 18 inches tall, with his head up. It is 9.44 inches wide and 13.79 inches deep.

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Your closet will be hard to store because it’s heavy. That’s what you’d expect from a mixer with a performance like that. Take a firm place on the table, unless you have strong arms and shoulders.

Remove the shaft clamps when storing the unit.

Maintenance and cleaning of the mixer at Hamilton Beach booth 63221

The container, filling plate and nozzles can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, it is best to wash the pasta tongs and the pasta hook by hand, because the coating can crack faster if the pasta is often put in the dishwasher. If you prefer to use the dishwasher, do not set the temperature too high as this may damage the coating.

A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the mixing bowl itself. Wipe it off before you put it away. Lift the head and clean the spaces where the ingredients can accumulate. Clean the shaft of any residue attached to it. Do not store dirty accessories or attachments. Dry everything before you put it away.



Customer reviews and opinions

Amazon has a considerable number of reactions to the Eclectrics stand mixer. Although some enthusiastic critics only gave general praise or were too positive, seemingly perfect, everything, from the icing to the bread dough, was done without any problems. I’m not betting on those ratings.

However, there are also a large number of high-level reviewers who have taken the time to indicate what they like and dislike about the machine and why, how it works, what they have done with it, and so on. Their reactions are balanced.

A small minority of disillusioned examiners say that their units did not last long or did not function properly. But there are people who have shared with others what they have worked for years.

In general, positive opinions weigh much more heavily than negative ones, even if you remove the opinions that seem biased.

How much doescost?

The price is the strongest selling point for the electrical equipment of Hamilton Beach. It’s almost half the price of popular stand mixers. Prices vary depending on the colour.  Prices change, sometimes quickly.

My Total Registration

The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics stand mixers are comparable to other, more expensive mixers for the same power class. If you want to make sandwiches every day, it’s not for you.  If you need a cake mixer and a bread mixer for your family, this is a wise choice.

It has its flaws, but there are other, more expensive taps for the table. Moreover, the manufacturer really supports the company with a 3-year replacement guarantee, while most of its competitors only offer a 1-year replacement guarantee. This means you can use it daily for almost 3 years and if it breaks, you get another block.

When my $300 replacement blender, guaranteed for one year, dies in a year or two, my head will spin. Not to mention the fact that they can’t last more than three years. That’s possible. But you’ll never know what’s going to happen.

See Hamilton Beach electrician on Amazon.



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