KitchenAid blender bowls: functional and stylish.

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How do you choose a good KitchenAid mixing bowl that is reliable, sturdy, easy to clean and easy to use? Truth is, it’s not that hard. There is a wide range of mixers for mixing, all designed and manufactured according to the specifications of the stand mixer range.

KitchenAid standing mixing cups are designed to eliminate the guesswork of mixing, kneading, beating and stirring, with an even wider range of‘s that can do much more with different models.

There are different sizes and types of taps to choose from.

For example, five quartz crystal buckets (pictured) in stainless steel are ideal for models with 5 kW tilt heads.

And, , if you need a smaller bowl for mixing icing or whipped cream and egg white, you don’t have to wash the large bowls you use to mix pies or batter. KitchenAid has a three-quarter scale that easily fits into the base of the blender on a stand and is compatible with the Artisan, Classic Plus and Classic models.

Elegant kitchen aidGlass bowls

The glass bowl of the blender gives it class and elegance. It has a stainless steel function and the content is visible on the side andon the bottom. You can easily see where to find unmixed ingredients.

We can’t talk about mixers with a glass stand, let alone the 6 m² glass dish of KitchenAid. Themodel, which comes with the Professional 600 and Professional 6500 mixers from the Design series, is the first mixer from the company to embody an unparalleled combination of convenience (bowl height) and elegance. The metal strip around it is an anchor to attach the bowl to the tap. But it should also be more attractive and rich in contrast.

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The 6-quarter glass dish is designed for use with the F-Series coated Flat Racquet, Powerknead Spiral Test Hook and Whisk. So they’re sold together as a set. Designed for mixers with bowl clamp KV25, KP26, KSM652 and KSM758 (Pro Line series)

The Artisan design series also includes a glass bowl with a 5 square ton scale. The practical handle and spout make it easy to carry and transfer thecontents.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are other KitchenAid glass bowl mixers to choose from if you need a replacement or if you want an extra bowl at hand.

There are three options available for 5 kW. Mixer with KitchenAidSwivel Heads . They all have wide handles, water outlets and tight plastic lids. Microwaves and freezers are safe and can be used to melt or cool chocolate.

These high-quality glass bowls do not retain or absorb odours. It is dishwasher safe and can last a very long time if handled with care.

Stainless steel tapping bowls

A mug with a stainless steel mixer is not as beautiful as its counterparts. But on the other hand, thanks to its robust construction and durability, it will not crack, warp, break or melt. This bowl is resistant to the wear and tear of cooking for an indefinite period of.

-Mixer with tilting head of 4,5 quartzcontains stainless steel dishes with footrest and without handles.

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The five-piece Artisan KitchenAid faucet comes with a polished stainless steel bowl and handle. It is one of the most versatile mixers in the company.

All other taps in standof 5 m², with the exception of Artisan Design, are fitted with polished stainless steel bowls with handles.

In addition to the design series, all equipment with 5, 6 and 7 m² lifting bins are equipped with stainless steel tanks with handles.

In addition, the performance of the mixer on your stand can be made even more versatile with the extra bowl for batch preparation of. A 4.5 quartz stainless steel beaker with a handle of may contain even the most intensive mixtures or impact-resistant ingredients that need to be gradually added to a larger mixture. Suitable for all KitchenAid turntables

It is designed on a brand basis and is firmly anchored in its place. Made of high quality polished (exterior) and matt (interior) stainless steel and a sturdy handle, ideal for dry and wet ingredients. It is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned after use.

An additional mixing bowl you should have is a 3.5 quarter stainless steel bowl for less than. It is very suitable for multi-level recipes. Just change the shells and leave.

Model with 3.5 kW cup base is ideal for KitchenAid mixers with a 5 kCm inclined top. Made of polished and brushed stainless steel, it gives your blender even more versatility.

3 square meter satin stainless steel cup with whip combination, suitable for models KP26M1X and KV25G with feeding bowl. The combination whisk works like a flat whisk and a whip. The bowl and mixer are ideal for beating small amounts of egg white or cream and for mixing batches of dough, cookie dough or filling.

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Ceramic bowls

Add colour to your kitchen with the KitchenAid ceramic bowl.

Non-reactive and anti-reflective, the 5 Quarter ceramic bowl for KitchenAid 5 Quarter tilt taps has the classic, chic look of a bespoke accessory, yet is modern enough to be used safely in the microwave and freezer. In addition, this mixing bowl is fitted with a spout that prevents spillage and overflow when transferring the contents to another vessel.

Choose your favorite color to match your kitchen design – from beautiful yellow, purple, ice blue, white chocolate or black onyx. Even his pen seems to come straight from a high-quality pottery barn. KitchenAid ceramic beaters are dishwasher safe and come with a one year warranty. You can make sauces, nut oil, gravy, cake biscuits and much more.

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We hope this collection of KitchenAid mixing bowls, which we’ve made available here, will help you find a bowl that’s perfect for your needs and preferences. Study each option and compare them to make the right choice.



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