KitchenAid Classic Plus vs. Artisan: aren’t they the same thing?

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To help you make an informed decision, here’s a comparison of KitchenAid Classic Plus and artisan faucets. Their main characteristics are summarised in the comparative table below. The advantages and disadvantages of each model are also listed. This presentation is followed by a discussion of their characteristics and performance and our final recommendation.

The KitchenAid Stand-Mixer can be a major investment. It is therefore advisable to identify your needs and obtain a model that is as close as possible to the value. In this way, you optimise your investment.

Kitchen help Classic plus

Aid for artisanal cooking


Power, watts.



Capacity, Quarters



Type of elevator

curved head

curved head

Speed parameters



Kind of cut

Stainless steel without handle

Stainless steel with handle


A snowshoe, an egg beater, a hook for money.

Knock, knock, dough hook, dozer blade.


Accepts all KitchenAid nozzles.

Accepts all KitchenAid nozzles.

Full overview

Full overview

KitchenAid Classic PlusFeatures

The Classic Plus blender is located at the small end of the KitchenAid blender series. Suitable for those who rarely cook or for a family of four.

It contains standard accessories… …a whisk, an egg beater and a dough hook. The 4.5-inch quartz bowl has no handle or casting sieve.

You can extend its functions with different nozzles.

There are ten different speeds for different mixtures: Knock, knock and knead; and for different mixtures: light, medium and heavy.

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This mixer can mix and knead bread dough, but not every day and not in large quantities. One or two rolls are perfect.

It may have less power and performance, but that doesn’t mean it’s less efficient. In fact, it works well for what it’s meant to do. In field tests it outperforms larger and more expensive models.

The biggest advantage of KitchenAid Classic Plus is its price in relation to performance. This is one of the few pedestal mixers with a maximum price/performance ratio of.

On this page you will find a complete and detailed overview of Classic Plus.

Plus Classic Plus

Classic plus minus pointsKitchen aid

Characteristics of the do-it-yourselfer – Cooking aid

The Artisan stand mixer is the most popular and best-selling stand mixer for the KitchenAid stand. So far Amazon has received more than 5,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars. A year ago there were over 3,000 inspections. Read our in-depth analysis of customer feedback in this detailed Artisan report.

What makes this stand mixer a success? An important factor in its popularity is that it is a median model. It meets the needs of bakers with small needs and those who prepare more than two recipes at the same time. But it’s not a bread mixer. It should be used with breaks for heavy dough and, like the Classic Plus, is ideal for working with two rolls per serving.

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The other thing is appearances. It is available in a variety of attractive and beautiful colors that can be combined with the theme and pattern of your kitchen.

The Artisan Bowl also has a handy handle for easy transfer of the contents. It also includes a casting panel to reduce the impact of flour and sprays.

Craft mixerSuites

Against support for artisanal cuisine

Stop: Artisan or Classic Plus?

classic plus versus Craftsman The price difference between the two models ranges from $60 to $100. What are you going to choose?

If you mainly prepare 1 or 2 recipes per serving and don’t bake bread very often, KitchenAid Classic Plus will suffice. It is an excellent value for money.

A craftsman is the right choice for you if you plan or plan to cook several recipes at once. 4.5 pints is really for small quantities. I also advise you to choose this model if you want a bowl with a handle and a pouring bowl.

The bowl with handle is easy to use and hold when the content is shipped. Splash protection reduces splashes and layers of flour.

Although it is possible to purchase a separate 4.5 quarter bowl with handle and pouring bowl for Classic Plus later on, the total price is almost added to the KitchenAid Artisan price.

Also note that Artisan remains the market leader in the floor mixer market. Yeah, he’s had his share of negative evaluations. But, despite the questions asked, will it continue to attract customers if it’s a bad mix?

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And you have over 20 shades in the Artisan series. While Classic Plus has only two colours: White and silver. And the silver is worth as much as the craft!

Check out the best price for the Artisan series on Amazon.



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