KitchenAid Hand Mixer: Complete Buyer Guide

by admin | Last Updated: April 27, 2020

The KitchenAid hand blender is an excellent product.

After a long time using both the hand blender and the hand blender to mix pipettes, dough, glaze, egg whites and everything in between, I am convinced that the KitchenAid hand blender is the perfect complement for any kitchen.

The hand blender resembles the workhorse of the younger siblings of the iconic KitchenAid blender on a stand. He doesn’t have the glamour and romance of a blender in his booth. They are not available in a shiny gold finish and do not decorate cable cookers. But he’s doing his job, and he’s doing it well.

The blender is nostalgia. It’s retro, the design hasn’t changed since 1937, it reminds you that you used to bake cookies with your grandmother. But if you look like me, real memories have an electric hand blender at home. When I was growing up in the ’90s, I didn’t know what a blender was. I may have seen one at the mall, but no one I knew had one. But turn on the roaring blades of our family hand mixer and I’ll come running. I knew it was a short drive to scrape the last ounce of dough out of a bowl. Then I clicked on the trigger mechanism of the mixer and found all the remains on the clamps.

For me and millions of others, these are real memories of the blender.

What is a hand mixer?

A hand blender is a portable device, usually powered by electricity, that rotates a series of stirrers to mix ingredients, usually for cooking. The blender is light, most weigh less than 10 lbs and can be used in any bowl (although deeper bowls are recommended to avoid splashing).

Another possibility is a mixer with a pendulum mechanism, usually called an egg crusher.

The largest and most expensive foot mixer is equipped with an impact mechanism, which is held by a foot and a mixing bowl attached to the base.

Manual mixer vs. diagram standing mixer.

Advantages of a hand mixer

Many people think the dummy blender is completely superior to the hand blender. That’s not always true. Each of them has its pros and cons. And in many cases a hand blender makes more sense. Here are a few categories in which the hand blender will be at the top.

Lower value

A good hand blender will always be more affordable than the blender on the stand. KitchenAid Blenders typically cost between $30 and $50, with the best models in the range costing less than $200. You’ll probably spend as much as $200 on a new KitchenAid mixer, and you can usually expect a discount of $300 to $400.

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More portable and easier to store

A complete set of hand mixers with all nozzles weighs less than half the weight of a stand mixer and takes up part of the space. You can put it in a cupboard or drawer and store it until you need it. This is a great advantage if you have a smaller kitchen, less sink space or less storage space. And if you’re planning to travel with your blender, it’s no problem to throw it in your pocket or bag.

More comfort

With such a small footprint, the hand blender is simply more practical in many cases. The preparation time is generally faster, so you can start mixing faster than with a dummy blender. You can also use the mixing bowl in any normal bowl, not just the one in your mixing bowl.

Easy cleaning

Manual cleaning of the mixer is child’s play. Just undo the valves and wash them. This is the case if a family member or pet has not yet licked them.

Stroke calculations with the hand mixer

With all its advantages, it is not for nothing that there is more demand for mixers on the stand than for hand mixers. The hand blender has a few flaws.

Subordinate power

Hand mixers have less power under the bonnet. For most pipettes that only need to be mixed quickly, this is not a big problem. But for thicker pastes and whipped cream, which are less strong, this means a longer mixing time.

More power in the hands

It is obvious that the hand blender has to be operated manually. This means that while mixing you also stand over the bowl, with one hand on the blender and the other on the bowl. This can be tiring during long mixing sessions. And that limits your multitasking possibilities. Again, there are not too many problems with fast dispensers, but with ingredients that take a few minutes to mix, it can be an uncomfortable time.

Minor dependencies

The blender on the KitchenAid stand offers you a world of accessories. From spiral formers to pasta shears and choppers. With the hand blender your possibilities are very limited.

Why do you have both a hand blender and a dummy blender?

Whipped cream

I hope I have shown here that the hand blender and the dummyblender both have their pros and cons. It can be hard to figure out what’s best for you, so let me make it easy for you: get both.

If you don’t have room for a hand blender on your stand, are shocked by the stickers, or imagine it will one day become a wedding present, get a hand blender. And later turn it into a mixer.

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But please, whatever you do, don’t lose your hand mixer because you have the wrong mixer. If you are the type of person who needs the KitchenAid mode mixer, you are the type of person who also needs the KitchenAid mode mixer in standby mode. There will be days when you can’t take the crane out of the pantry. There will be days when you knead the dough in a mixer and at the same time beat the cream with a hand mixer. You’ll be happy to have both.

Just ask Wirecutter’s experts:

A hand blender is best suited for whipping up small batches of creams, sauces or fillings, while a hand blender with a large knife and extra power can knead large batches of thick dough or baked goods more efficiently (and save your hands some effort).

Kitchen aidHand mixer Models

KitchenAid offers different models of hand mixers, classified according to speed (from 3 to 9 speeds). The more speeds available, the higher the price. In this section I will inform you about the different ranges of hand mixers, the characteristics and options of each device and the available colours and prices.

Hand mixers with 3 speeds

Support in the kitchen

Photo: KitchenAid

The simplest and most affordable is a 3 speed hand blender. You won’t have any frills or extras here, just an ordinary mixer. Comes in white only and contains only one set of accessories for stainless steel binoculars.

Find it on Amazon.

5-speed hand mixers

Support in the kitchen

Photo: KitchenAid

KitchenAid is known for offering a color palette to its customers. Get more than 20 colours with the ultra-efficient 5-speed hand blender – more than any other hand blender. If choosing a unique color is your priority, that’s exactly what you get. These are also some of the popular colours you can find in the range of stand mixers. So if you’re trying to coordinate the colors, you should see it here.

Find it on Amazon.

Hand mixers with 6 speeds

Support in the kitchen

Photo: KitchenAid

A six-speed mixer is a kind of anomaly. It is only available in two colours. This is not in accordance with the installation convention for 5 to 7 speed mixers. But it’s still a good mix.

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Find it on KitchenAid.

Hand mixers with 7 speeds

Support in the kitchen

Photo: KitchenAid

We’re starting to move into the high-end sector with seven-speed mixers. They have a digital display, various other colour options and come with a whip and nested beaters.

Find it on Amazon.

9-Speed hand mixers

Support in the kitchen

Photo: KitchenAid

The KitchenAid 9-speed hand blender is the best option. The more expensive Architects series offers more power and various additional accessories, such as test hooks for kneading dough.

Find it on Amazon.

Manual mixing consoles and accessories

Various accessories are available for the hand blender. Again, nothing beats a mixer with nozzles and additives. But it’s an important tool.

Striking devices

Each hand blender comes with drummers. A hand blender without chunks is like a car without tyres. These are your working tools for mixing, stirring and stirring.


The paddle, whether held by hand or attached to the power tool, is designed to squeeze air into the fluid. It increases the volume, I think, of whipped cream or fluffy protein.

Test hook

Dough hooks help to knead the dough before breaks. Brewing is usually done by hand and produces glowing threads that give the bread a light and airy structure. Kneading usually takes at least a few minutes, so keep this in mind when considering using a hand blender. Clearly, many people would rather get into trouble.

Mixing rod

The mixing rod is immersed in the liquid like an immersion mill. This can be useful in the preparation of recipes such as cocktails, soups and mixed drinks.



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