KitchenAid Professional HD 6000 Review: Not enough power?

by admin | Last Updated: April 27, 2020

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Are you confused with the KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD? Are you afraid to spend the money on something that might be wrong? Do you want the fog to lift? Read more…

The concerns expressed about this food processor show that people are interested, but confused.

There’s not much information. You’ll find the answers here and there. But none of them put them together in one place.

At least none for this revision.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with this little-known KitchenAid…

Are you in a hurry?

Now look at the Pro 6000 HD.

Or click on the table below for a quick answer to your questions.

Is this the new model that replaces the Professional 600?

Big NO.

The 6000 HD mixer is a proprietary model produced exclusively for mass distribution. But other retailers like Amazon now offer it.  KitchenAid itself does not offer it in its stores.

It’s not clear why, and if it’s not interesting, why.

We just want to know if he’s strong enough to do big things…

KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD

KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD

We appreciate it for its efficient DC motor, which is more fire resistant than the AC model, with equal performance.

Status: 25.04.2020 at 23:27 (more details).

What is the true power of the KitchenAid 6000 HD?

The announced performance is 1.0 HP. Then those who bought it say that the brand at the bottom of their device is 350 watts.

As if two different values aren’t enough, there’s a third.

…others say it’s 1.3 horsepower…  This has added to the confusion.

For information I contacted KitchenAid via the live chat, so I have a recording.

This is what I discovered…

The engine power is 1.0 HP.   DC motors are designed for power, not watts. But regulators require performance to be demonstrated. This is a rated power of 350 W, which is printed on the base of the engine.

But that’s not the end of the confusion, because 1 HP. – is 746 watts.

I don’t think there’s any need to go into that any further. This could cause more confusion because the explanation is a bit technical.

The important value , which you should pay attention to, is 350 W. This is the output power or power to be used for the task. From there we can explain the applications and possibilities.

But, , that led to another problem350 watts almost as much power as … Maina-mixer with 325 Watt AC motor. It’s not much. How can it be said that the KitchenAid 6000 blender can handle difficult tasks?

Again, this is not a simple equation. The100W DC motor delivers more power than the100W AC motor.

Compared to an AC motor, a DC motor consumes much less energy. What for?

…Because the DC motor is more efficient, it produces more power per watt of. It is comparable to a 10W LED lamp, which produces the same light intensity as an ordinary 50W lamp.

What means is that it is cheaper thanelectricity, especially if you cook often and in large quantities.

Traction is not an important indicator to be considered with soil mixers. Other elements determine the efficiency of the engine. The One Hobart blender has 1/6 HP , but is a KitchenAid dust-eater.

The torque, which is an indicator of the actual performance of the mixer, tells you what the tripod mixer is capable of. In this article you can read more about AC and DC standard mixers.

What the KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD blender can do is discussed in the following sections

How does it work with dense silver?

People often ask this of all floor mixers, even the small, energy-efficient models. They are judged on their ability to work with a difficult test.

The KSM6573 6000 HD is a robust mixer. Bread dough is the best.  No tension or hesitation.

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It is a plough through double batches of wheat or yeast dough.

Would you rather make your own fresh pasta? With other KitchenAid models, you should rest for an hour after a batch.  There’s no reason to do this to this bad boy. Think about the time you can save.

What’s the limit of this car? Multiple recipes of a mixture as complex as yeast can lead directly to overheating and downtime. The maximum amount of bread that can be baked at one time is two loaves.

What can a 6000 HD kitchen gadget do?

Do you often prepare in large quantities of or multiple recipes in one batch? If that’s the case, you can count on this blender.

You save time if you can mix several cake recipes at once and bake them in one cycle.

Of course, you’ll have to freeze. What a routine job if you have to stop several times to prepare another batch of icing.  Don’t you want to be able to concentrate on decorating without taking a break? I like to work like this.

The Pro 6000 HD has a weight that makes it possible to easily move 4 pounds of sugar plus butter. He also mixes three times as many cookies.

Do you like big dinners? This blender will help you prepare meals for 15-20 people.

The large, wide bottom tray is not so user-friendly for very small quantities. A cup of butter is coated and surrounds the wall, making it difficult to lift. For this purpose it is useful to give a dish that is smaller than.

Is he available?

Let’s move on to the next topic…

What accessories are available?

Lack of additional accessories or difficulties in finding spare parts are the main problems of some frustrated customers.

How true is that opinion?

That’s kind of true.

What for?

Replacement toolis available in KitchenAid. I received the following information from the KitchenAid agent I was in contact with.

Accessories Position number Price ($)
KSM6573 Tulip bowl W10177650G 59.99
Coated flat door knocker W10401173G 14.99
Spiral test hook W10335442G 19.99
Wire whip K5AWW 19.99

You will not find these accessories on the KitchenAid website. To order, call them on 800-541-6390 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday (Eastern time).

Do you want a smaller bowl? Take a 5 quarter stainless steel bowl with handle, model KN25PBH. The casting sieve for this bowl is model KN1PS.

No sprinkler umbrella fits in the skin of the tulip. But many don’t use it with their KitchenAids. She brings comfort, yes, but you won’t suffer without her.

You can stop the machine at any time or switch to the lowest speed when adding ingredients to the mix. Allow it to mix gently before switching to higher speeds to reduce splashing.

There is a flexible edge bolt that fits on a 6 quart sink. This is the SideSwipe KLN-1, which you can find on Amazon.

It is more important to have a handle with which you can hold the cup in your hand. It is comfortable and prevents hand and wrist fatigue.

In contrast to polished surfaces, the coated roller and the dough hook are not oxidised. But he tends to stumble in the long run.

Manufactured with accessories, we come to the question how this machine…

How effective is the KitchenAid 6000 HD blender?

Planetary blending is the biggest advantage of this type of blender. The club moves and hits several points in the bowl.

The result? …Mix thoroughly and evenly.

But I’m sorry to disappoint you.

…it’s not perfect. You’re gonna have to scratch yourself a little. Sometimes it’s enough. I haven’t found a cabin mixer that eliminates this problem unless you use a flexible drum.

One more thing before turning on a professional mixer on a 6000 HD tripod.

Make sure that the space between the bowl and the mixer is set correctly so that almost all content is selected. The procedure is simple. See the manual.

Once you have used it, you will be satisfied with the softness and silence ofand . Il meets the KitchenAid mixer with the three-phase motors hand down.

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What’s the black thing in the bowl?

The most common complaint from customers is the black mud in the bowl. They say it is difficult to remove, even after frequent washing with soap.  And in the end, they had wasted money and better players.

This black thing is a special coating. How are you handling the situation?

First wipe the inside of the bowl with tissue paper.  Then try one of the following methods once you have confirmed the presence of the black residue:

Which accessories can be used with this faucet?

All KitchenAid mixing accessories work perfectly with 6000 HD. They work through the current crossing in front of the mixer. Find the lid, lift it up and attach the bracket.

Accessories are not included with the KitchenAid 6000 blender. You have the freedom to choose.

This crane is ideal for frequent use. You won’t be disappointed if you intend to use it for purposes other than mixing.

My friend’s first KitchenAid buzzards are a set of noodles and a suit. She loves pasta and wants it fresh. And she refuses to feed her family on the store’s purchases.

In fact, this friend is a fan of freshness and health. It also has a sausage machine and a juicer.

What is the height and weight of the 6000 Professional HD?

One would expect such a blender to be big and strong, and it is.

It’s inclined at about 27 pounds and measures about 17 inches. Because your head isn’t bent, you don’t have to worry about the extra space above your head.

Is that the tip support?

This is a model with a bucket elevator. Autopilots of this size cannot be tilted because the engine head is heavy and must be held still.

The construction of the stirrup hoist also provides firm support, as the stirrup is turned using safety screws.

This article compares a bowl lift and a tilting head mixer.

How many speed settings?

It works at ten (10) speeds, from very slow to very fast.

It has a STIR function that slowly mixes the ingredients in the beginning. What for? For, reduce spray.

The function SLOW START starts the mixer independently from to SLOW if the gear lever is accidentally pulled to a higher speed of. I did it a couple of times by accident.

Careful, careful…

Only 6 speeds, including STIR, are printed on the mixing head. It is marked with even numbers from 2 to 10. There are only five settings.

Where are the other five?

In between, even speeds are strange for finer settings. But for most mixing tasks you don’t need it.

Care and cleaning

You’ll be happy to be a man who hates to wash his hands. All accessories… Bowl, whisk and dough hook …are dishwasher safe.

The coating on the shredder and the spiral test hook may break over time.

Don’t forget the main unit. But before you start cleaning, unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

Wipe the body with a damp cloth. Also clean the barrel and make sure that no residue remains.

Now we come to an important part of any product research…

Test Reports KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD

The biggest complaints from those who bought the KitchenAid HD 6000…

See the section: what accessories are available.

Several people pointed out that he lacked power, apparently due to a lack of information. It’s not their fault if they’re wrong, because the information is hard to find.

However, this indicates that mostreviewers gave it 5 stars or 4stars.  And the minority is completely disappointed. It is true that the vast majority of them praise his strength, efficiency and performance.

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Many people confuse the 6000 HD mixer with another closely related model. We’ll talk about it next time…

KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD vs Pro 600 : What is the most powerful?

What is the main difference between these two KitchenAid mixers?

One has a DC motor, the other an AC motor.

Mm-hmm. What about him?

This affects performance. This determines their efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Yes, the two are similar in the kind of tasks they can perform. But the DC motor is more efficient. For example, the Professional HD 6000 can be used with less power because it consumes less power.

Table 2 :  KitchenAid 6000 HD vs. Professional 600

Hand blender KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD KSM6573CER, 6-piece, imperial red

Professional blender 600 series - Espresso


Coated beater, dough hook spiral, 6-thread beater.

Flat floor mixer and spiral hook for dough, 6 thread whisk, shield for zasypki

Additional accessories

5 quartz bowls, flexible striking edge

3 and 5 quarter shells, soft-edge beater.

Takes all the jets from KitchenAid?

Hand blender KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD KSM6573CER, 6 quart, Imperial Red


Coated beater, dough hook spiral, 6-thread beater.

Additional accessories

5 quartz bowls, flexible striking edge

Takes all the jets from KitchenAid?

Professional blender 600 series - Espresso


Flat ground beater and spiral hook for dough, 6 wire beater, shield for zasypki

Additional accessories

3 and 5 quarter shells, soft-edge beater.

Takes all the jets from KitchenAid?

Status: 25.04.2020 at 23:27 (more details).

Note: I will receive a compensation if you buy something via the affiliate links in this mail. This does not change the price you would pay.

With dense mixes, the Professional 600 lags slightly behind the Pro 6000 HD, which runs smoothly. The DC motor is pleasantly quiet, while the AC motor is noisy.

What is the most powerful and muscular? Scroll down for some actions

You can compare the Professional 600 with it:

KitchenAid 6000 HD extra:

I would like to point out that the Professional 600 is a powerfule device, but not as powerful as the 6000 HD KitchenAid mixer.

makes it easy to get extra parts and accessories for the Professional 600 Series. Several shopkeepers offer them. It also has a wider range of attractive colours.

The price of the Pro 600 series depends on the colour.  Some colors are expensive.

What should you choose?

What’s most important to you?

If it is muscular and strong and offers the best value for money, choose the Professional 6000 HD.

If you need accessories that are easy to find and choose, choose Professional 600.


Here are the main points to remember of this overview KitchenAid 6000 HD …

Why don’t you get him?

Check the professional quality 6000 HD on Amazon.



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