KitchenAid Stand Mixer covers: nice and functional

by admin | Last Updated: April 27, 2020

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You cover your car to protect yourself, so why not do the same with your KitchenAid blender? The fact that it is an internal appliance does not mean that it should remain on the kitchen table without a lid when not in use. Dust and lint are just two of the many things your stand mixer can absorb without a protective layer. Not to mention flies and other insects.

Single-support mixing lids Storage Classic Plus, for example, is protected by a KMCC1lid, which not only protects against dirt and grime – it also gives your blender a large front compartment for storing your kitchen utensils and cookbooks, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them.

The KMCC1 is suitable for both bowl and slewing rings. It is made of 100% cotton with a polyester edging, is available in red, black, white and khaki and can easily be machine washed with a soft cold cycle.
There are KSMCT1 installation coversfor your tipping mixer. This 100% cotton sleeve has a heavy structure and is padded to give it a unique visual appeal. It is designed for mounting and clamping a tilting crane. His shape makes him very attractive.

It has a practical compartment for accessories such as recipe cards, measuring scoops and other items. You can choose from four colour tones: Silver Frost, red, khaki and black.

The transparent lid of the KitchenAid mixer fits easily on your 4.5-piece model. It is available in different colours such as black, almond, red, white, orange, cobalt, light brown, cinnamon, yellow, cocoa and green apple. For less than $25 each, you can change the cover of your mixer as often as you like. That’s great, because he’s not hiding the blender.

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Thanks to the large number of covers available, you will not be left unprotected in front of the taps on your stand. These blankets have interesting shapes and patterns to match any kitchen and KitchenAid model.

This heavy duty black blender with the KitchenAid Z-Cover standard with two large side pockets protects your Artisan 4.5 or 5 litre blender. It features contrasting white padding, excellent styling and quality craftsmanship. It’s big enough to hold a bowl with a stand. Bags that are large enough to store recipes and attachments.

If you don’t like prints and prefer a simple blanket, these beautiful fill colours can be matched to the colour of your blender, or you can choose a contrasting shade to make it stand out against the general background. These options fit all KitchenAid models except the 7 kW. Pro series and commercial models.

Printed kitchen aid mixer covers This group of printed faucets fits all KitchenAid models of the Classic line, the Artisan series and the Professional 600 and 6500 series. Choose from a wide range of attractive prints such as muffins, coffee and tea, fruit, farm animals and much more.

They are made of cotton, are lined with padded fabric and have two side pockets for manual and flat strokes.

The prints are colourful, funny and warm. They carry memories of home and the simple and peaceful life there.

The prints range from coffee to the barn, flowers, kitchen utensils, fruit and vegetables.

Do you need more options? The unique combination of quilted red and white checks and a plain red top makes the red-white quilted checkerboard a pleasant addition to any kitchen worktop. Suitable for a 6-quarter Professional 600 mixer.

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Around this lid there are six compartments for recipe cards, measuring spoons, etc. and also for white, hunting green, cream and pink. This handmade pink lined lid has two pockets on the side lid with space for a mixing bowl. It is suitable for the 4.5 Classic series, the 5 quartz Architect series, the 4.5 Ultra Power series and the Artisan KSM 5 quartz series. This 100% padded cover, available in 10 extra colors, can always be adapted to the splash protection stored on the shell. It has two side pockets for extra storage of accessories.

The KitchenAid mixer must be protected from dust, grease and dirt. This is a considerable investment. So be smart.

The wide range of KitchenAid blender lids includes one, two or more, depending on your taste. Most people don’t just get a lid on their kitchen appliances. I usually have three matching sets. At least two, because they need to be washed.

Appliance lids are a cheap way to decorate your kitchen. You will notice that a simple replacement will give your kitchen a new look and feel. It is fun to discover the great opportunities that can be realized through simple changes.

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