KitchenAid Ultra Power vs Artisan: the same mixer?

by admin | Last Updated: April 27, 2020

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This article compares the KitchenAid Ultra Power blender with Artisan. It examines their differences and similarities to help you decide which model meets your needs, budget and preferences.

In terms of performance and results, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two KitchenAid mixers, as their characteristics differ only slightly.  And the result is decisive, because in the end we are looking for him.

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Do the different characteristics of the two models lead to significant differences in the results, so you have to worry about choosing the right model?

Go ahead and find out what our research has yielded…

Here’s a simple chart showing the features of this popular KitchenAid table mixer.

Ultra Power cooker

Aid for artisanal cooking


Power, watts.



Capacity, Quarters



Kind of cut

Stainless steel without handle

Stainless steel with handle

Type of elevator

Tilting head

Tilting head

Speed parameters




Furnished flat guard and dough hook in C, 6-thread guard

Flat whisk and dough hook C, 6-thread whisk, casting plate


Accepts all KitchenAid nozzles.

Accepts all KitchenAid nozzles.

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Difference in power?

The power difference of 25 watts is small. Are you going to see the difference in efficiency, performance and capacity of the mixers? They are not used for pies, butter, cream and normal cookie dough.

What about the bread dough? Both models can pass the test in one go. However, the Ultra Power can be formed with two buns, a double hard dough recipe for biscuits or a wet dough for pizza , while the KitchenAid Artisan 325 Watt Stand Mixer can hold two loaves per day.

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Is the difference in scale significant?

Looks like it.

This is the feature that most distinguishes the two models.

Some recipes for two loaves barely fit in a 4.5-quarter bowl of the Ultra Power Series. It is only good for small recipes or a few batches.

On the other hand, the KitchenAid KSM150PS craftsman keeps the recipe for two loaves of bread with extra space to spill the .

It is clear that a five-quarter bowl can contain more. Two or three cans of cake mix are enough to get close to it. It’s even enough for a party cake.

The 5-quarts bowl also has a handle that makes it very easy to fill, mix or transport the bowl. While the 4.5 quarter Ultra Power cookware bowl has no handle.

The 5-quartz bowl also has a nice shiny surface, while the 4.5-quartz bowl is boring.

Which model has the best accessories and equipment?

All KitchenAid tap accessories can be used with both models.

They are distinguished by the shredder material and the dough hook. The accessories of the Ultra Power blender are made of brushed metal and the accessories of the blender with Artisan 5 qt stand are lined with nylon.

What are the best accessories?

Galvanised metal tends to oxidise especially when exposed to humid air or in the dishwasher. During oxidation, a grey powder is formed, which some people have already encountered. To avoid this, wash the accessories by hand and dry them immediately with a towel.

On the other hand, the nylon coating can become clogged, especially when it touches the edge of the bowl. It is therefore crucial to set the correct distance between the club and the bowl. The whisk and the nylon dough hook are dishwasher safe.

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What do customers say?

Cooking aid KSm95 Feedback on Ultra-Power

Owners of this 300-watt faucet from KitchenAid generally agree:

Some customers say that the safety pin tends to come loose when the dough is kneaded and the head jumps up and down.

Testimonials Kitchen man 5 m² walk-in mixer

In terms of popularity, this 325-watt counter top mixer is even better than other models in its class. It has been the best-selling blender on the stand for years.  Thousands of customers have commented on Amazon.

Of course it’s not perfect. Recently there have been very few, large-scale negative criticisms, including metal chips falling out of the mixing head, grey deposits from the bowl and a loose locking pin.

Consumers also seem to agree that this product is not intended for serious baking and should be used with interruptions for this purpose.

Heavy table mixers for and against



Advantages and disadvantages of theNotebook series


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Which faucet should I choose for kitchen support?

Q-310891_1280 When comparing the features of the two models with their cost, we strongly recommend the best selling Craftsmixer .

That’s why…

You get all of the above services for an extra $10 to $30, making Artisan a wise choice.



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