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Functional, practical and elegant stainless steel containers. Use them to keep coffee, sugar, biscuits and flour fresh and give style to your cooking.

They are ideal for storing various kitchen items such as flour, coffee, sugar, pasta and snacks. Most of them are hermetically sealed.

They are also an excellent gift for a wedding or housewarming. In fact, it came to mind when my niece got a beautiful brass ensemble on her wedding day.

There are many models and styles to choose from to suit your kitchen, appliances, tools and cutlery.

4 pieces Stainless steel psychic box set

The design of the window on the steel and glass cylinder makes it possible to determine what is inside the window and when it should be filled without opening the window. It is practical and embellishes the eyes.

These Anchor Hocking 4-piece glass kits have stainless steel outer rings with windows. They are high and narrow, which saves space at the counters.

You can keep flour, sugar, coffee, rice or beans in it.  They’re small when they cook every day, but they’re enough for a family of four. The tallest can is ideal for spaghetti. The smallest one is too small, you can only use it to carry tea bags or artificial sweeteners.

The cans have screw caps. They are not sealed, but they are well sealed to keep the contents fresh.

The metal sleeve is glued to the glass, but water can get stuck between it, but eventually it dries out.

Tin sizes: 64 ounces, 46 ounces, 36 ounces and 24 ounces.

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Stainless steel brush and glass container construction The matt surface of this set is perfect for any kitchen. Coloured flakes and sweets find their place there.

Red stainless steel cans with window If you want to put trendy accents in your kitchen, this beautiful set of cherry red boxes is an ideal decorative storage cabinet.

It’s really striking, especially if you have a stainless steel kitchen that is completely white or naked. Red is perfect!

Anchor Hockey 4 pieces Stainless steel Box Set with transparent lid This stainless steel storage set has transparent lids so you can see the contents without opening them.  The set contains one of the 27, 38, 47 and 63 ounce cans. If you use many ingredients, such as flour and sugar, you may need to top them up more often because they are not very useful. But they’re perfect for small quantities.

A stable lock clamps the lid, which is fitted with a removable plastic seal. This type of seal may fall. You can moisten it with water so that it is temporarily stuck. If it falls off again, moisten it again.

Stainless steel boxSpoon set This set of stainless steel cans with shovel is of high quality, durable, functional and stylish. Ideal for coffee, tea, sugar and flour.

Matt stainless steel with a mirror finish gives it a stylish and elegant look. The granite worktop suits him very well.

The high quality tempered glass lids, which are resistant to high temperatures and impacts, are framed by durable stainless steel. Corresponding stainless steel handles on the lids. Silicone gaskets provide a watertight seal.

The set consists of 0,85, 1,22, 1,56 and 2 pint cans. The highest is 8.75 inches with the lid on.

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The lids are tightly closed to prevent ingress of insects and moisture. But they’re so tight it’s hard to get them off.

A stainless steel shovel with a handy short handle is also included, so it does not stand out when the cans are almost full. It would be better if it contained four separate balls.

Stainless steel box with hammer, 4 pieces This is a stainless steel storage set with a manual reader and attractive accent copper lids. Each piece is painted to prevent deterioration, but it is not completely resistant to deterioration forever.

The dimensions of the cans vary from 20 to 104 ounces. The largest is a good size for biscuits or can contain smaller bags of flour or sugar.

Copper is timeless and these looks work wonders in both old and modern kitchens.  The forged look enhances their decorative appeal.

The lids are tight. Some users say they are not waterproof, while others say they are.

Stainless steel spice jar with close-fitting lid This set of 6 spice jars consists of sturdy stainless steel crates and clear glass lids.

Comfortable and durable, it also has a magnetic base and includes a support for the worktop. The fragments can easily be attached to refrigerator doors and other metal surfaces.

Sealed lids are fitted with a shaking lid with sieve or pouring position.

Stainless steel kitchen hermetic kit This silver onyx set has a beautiful high gloss finish.  This is a high quality storage package. The look is modern and smooth.

You can choose between two sizes: 32 ounces and 64 ounces. Available in 2 to 4 sets or you can choose one.

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The hole is wide enough to easily reach the measuring cup, but does not take up much space for storage.

Foldable, sealed glass end caps protect the food from air and moisture. They’re tightly closed, it can be difficult to remove them.  Do not pull the handle on the lid, because you can still get cups of flour or sugar from the bottom or the counter.

Wash your hands with soap and water to cleanse yourself. This storage set includes a 100% money back guarantee.

Brighten up your kitchen withstainless steel storage jars

Stainless Steel Box Set Functional stainless steel kitchen boxes are ideal for adding something new to any kitchen.  Those that are outdated can easily be refreshed using stainless steel containers. It is versatile and adapts to all themes, colours and patterns.

With these attractive kitchen accessories, the appearance of a worktop, a display case or a corner can be changed without much effort. Choose something useful and attractive.



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