Why is there no attachment to the KitchenAid coffee grinder?

by admin | Last Updated: April 27, 2020

Why can’t my KitchenAid blender grind coffee?

The mixing nozzles in the KitchenAid booth can grind anything from cleaning an apple to sifting flour, but not the coffee. You can chop meat. You can grind the grain. No coffee. Why don’t we have a KitchenAid coffee grinder?

It seems that the blender and the coffee grinder are the perfect combination. And KitchenAid already produces a very good separate mill.

The current gastronomic boom, which began in the 1990s, laid the foundation for a third coffee movement that would gain a foothold at the beginning of 2000. The same food crop tree that produced a $300 tasty blender also helped people get to a place where it makes sense to pour hundreds of dollars into coffee mills and caterpillar teapots.

It’s hard to find a shredder worth less than $150. So why doesn’t KitchenAid use the same formula as many other electrical appliances? Build a great accessory, transfer power and electrical components to the blender we already own, and offer customers a $200 coffee grinder for less than $100?

The inside of the grinder.

The inside of the grinder.

Looks like they already have. Periodic advertisements (like this one) promote a blender that crushes coffee.

However, I couldn’t find a picture of this crushing machine in action (send me a message if you have one!). And it is quite possible that the grinding quality we assumed at the time did not meet the modern expectations of coffee botany.

Although some hackers have made their versions with hand sanders. It gives me hope it’s possible.

Then why isn’t there a crushing machine console? I can only guess, but here are my three theories.

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Theory 1: The coffee grinder is not as popular as one thinks

Although the artisanal grinding resembles food and coffee botanists, it is important to remember that most coffees are still sold ground. I hope Whirlpool knows how to deal with the numbers on these things. Maybe there’s no question.

In fact, only about 8% of coffee sold in the United States is a bean, according to this 2015 Washington Post report.

Theory 2: Coffee people … different

Coffee lovers are interested in many things. Comfort is not necessarily part of it. Perhaps focus groups and market research show that deep-sea enthusiasts don’t need a cheaper, more convenient shredder. It’s quite possible. Maybe it’s in the nature of coffee super fans that they are specialists who need specialized tools, not all-in-one convenience. Just like a serious baker wants to hand out the best blender. Just like the bartender with his perfect windmill.

Theory 3: Mechanical limitations

This may be the least satisfactory explanation, but it’s quite plausible: Maybe the math isn’t working. I assume that the engine of the mixer is fast enough and has enough torque to start the grinder. But I’m not an engineer either. There may be nuances in the engineering work that simply don’t make it possible. It should also be noted that this is technically possible, but not according to KitchenAid quality standards. There are many grinders with lower parts. And it’s clear that KitchenAid wants its sprayers to have the same quality and durability as the mixer.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this. And maybe the smart people in Benton Harbor are working hard on the removal right now. I hope that’s the case.

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